Los Cabos Surroundings

Towns and Attractions near Cabo San Lucas

Migriño, Candelaria, Todos Santos, and Pescadero are all small towns that may be accessed in less than an hour from Los Cabos. Trekking and ATV excursions are just a few of the fun outdoor activities available. Enjoy surfing and whale-watching as well.

Santiago is also home to the “Sol de Mayo” waterfall, which features thermal springs and a rock-lined swimming hole. Miraflores has local arts and culinary delights as well as mountain biking and trekking opportunities, in addition to the “Sol de Mayo” waterfalls and therapeutic waters.

Interesting Towns Near Cabo San Lucas

There are a number of interesting towns near Cabo San Lucas that are worth visiting. They offer attractions such as beaches, events, and beautiful landscapes. Each town is a great place to visit alone or in combination with another town.

Los Cabos.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a beautiful town that is located about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas. It is known for its art scene, and there are many galleries and artist studios located in the town. Todos Santos also has some great beaches, and it is a popular spot for surfers.

La Paz.

La Paz

La Paz is another large town near Cabo San Lucas, and it has plenty of restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes to explore. The town is best known for its art scene that features many galleries and artist studios. There are also some historic sites in the area that are worth checking out!

San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo is the largest town near Cabo San Lucas, and it offers a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and bars. The town is also home to a historic district that is worth checking out. San Jose del Cabo is also a great place to go golfing, and there are several golf courses in the area.

Todos Santos National Park

Todos Santos National Park is the closest town that offers family-friendly activities in the area. The park has two different beaches for visitors to explore, and there are all kinds of outdoor adventure opportunities available. Some activities include climbing, ziplining, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and bird watching. Todos Santos also has a good restaurant scene full of seafood options.

Los Barriles

Los Barriles is another small town located near Cabo San Lucas, and it’s known for its surfing scene. The El Pescadero surfing beach is also close to the town, so you can easily spend some time catching waves! There are some restaurants in the area that have great seafood options.