Spa Treatments

Soothe your mind, body, and soul at Sparitual.

Ease tired muscles after a day of activity with a deep tissue massage, get your hands and feet beach-ready with a manicure and pedicure, treat your significant other to a couple’s treatment, or combat the effects of the sun with a hydrating facial. A number of spa packages are available; choose the one that suits your desires and let us take care of you.

Signature Massage (100 min.)
Experience the soothing warmth of herbal and seed bags. The gentle heat of the hot stones throughout the body will create waves of energy that will bring you to a state of tranquility. The deep tissue massage combined with relaxing manipulations will further enhance your experience. To finish this blissful journey, receive an exfoliation and leg mask to improve circulation.

Healing Hot Stones (80 min.)
When heat is applied to the body, it encourages faster healing. The heat from the stones has been proven to aid in muscle regeneration as well as improve circulation in the targeted area. The stones gently melt into the therapist´s hand, providing an unparalleled sensation of deep relaxation.

Balinese Ritual for Couples (80 min.)
Experience the activation of energy points throughout your body, from feet to head, promoting healing and relaxation. Prior to the session, indulge in a customary foot bath enriched with lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. This relaxing 80- minute massage therapy includes a vanilla and strawberry body scrub, as well as a body mask that leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. Enhance your experience with a romantic jacuzzi bath, while savoring a chai tea and chocolate in the comfort of your own private space.

Thai (80 min.)
Thai massage is an ancient technique performed on a futon on the floor, with the client wearing comfortable clothing. It combines various techniques and manipulations in the form of pressure and stretching to release tension from the body, promoting self-regulation. This ensures a restful experience for both the body and mind, improving posture and relieving accumulated fatigue.

Yenekamu (60 min.)
Indulge in this relaxing massage that aims to alleviate tension and achieve a state of mental relaxation. The use of honey during the massage adds a hydrating and nourishing element, making it a truly exceptional experience. Rinse off any excess honey to seal the experience with a luxurious aloe cream that will leave your skin feeling enriched.

Four Hand Experience (50 min.)
Escape from your everyday routine and treat yourself to this ultra-soothing massage. Experience a whole new sensation as two therapists synchronize their movements to provide four hands working in perfect harmony on your body, taking you to a state of deep relaxation.

Shirodara (60 min.)
A soothing stream of warm oil is poured onto your scalp while the area is gently massaged, promoting deep mental relaxation. In addition, this treatment includes a rejuvenating session for tired legs, designed to stimulate circulation and promote rest.

Aromatherapy Rain Massage (60 min.)
The Raindrop technique, developed by Young Living, is a distinctive method that utilizes essential oils to harmonize, rejuvenate, relax, and align both the body and mind. With a focus on the incredible benefits of essential oils and harnessing energy, this treatment offers a deeply relaxing experience.

 Sweet Wraping (50 min.)
Indulge in this body scrub and mask that will leave your skin feeling luxuriously soft and smooth. Say goodbye to dead skin cells as the exfoliating treatment works its magic and experience the added bonus of the nourishing nutrients infused in this exclusive body mask.

After sun (50 min.)
The perfect treatment to refresh and sooth sun-sensitive skin. Say goodbye to itching or flaking and experience a cool sensation that will enhance your vacation enjoyment.

Body exfoliation (25 min.)
To achieve the perfect tan, it is essential to eliminate excess dead skin cells from your body. This treatment will leave your skin’s surface clean, soft and smooth, creating the perfect canvas to receive the delightful benefits of the sun.

Eternal Youth (80 min.)
Experience an enhanced tone and smoother texture in your skin with this delightful firming facial. This incredible treatment features a potent cellular regenerator that works at a deep level, revitalizing and improving the function of your skin cells. Additionally, it includes a lifting facial massage to elevate for added benefits.

Deep Cleansing (80 min.)
This facial goes beyond surface-level cleansing to eliminate impurities without drying or irritating your delicate skin. Experience a more even complexion and enhanced elasticity as this treatment restores your skin’s moisture barrier and nurtures it with utmost care. Prepare for maximum comfort and a silky-smooth result.

Rejuvenating (50 min.)
Reclaim the luminosity and hydration of your skin with this marvelous facial that provides a lifting effect. Rediscover the youthful freshness of your complexion and unveil a sublime porcelain-like glow.

Sun Recovery (50 min.)
This revitalizing facial effectively enhances hydration levels, even for the most lackluster complexion. Enjoy the gentle lifting effect that aids in reducing fine lines and promoting skin firmness. It is highly recommended for those with sunburned or dehydrated skin.

Flash Facial (25 min.)
Experience this hydration treatment, a quick and efficient way to restore radiance to your skin. Ideal for individuals with a busy schedule, this facial is designed to deliver instant freshness, relaxation, and a rejuvenated complexion, all within a short amount of time.

Relaxing Massage (50 / 80 min.)
Indulge in our soothing full-body massage, where gentle, firm, and slow movements guarantee a deep state of relaxation. This experience promotes overall well-being, providing a sense of tranquility. The rhythmic motions work wonders by enhancing blood circulation and calming the nervous system.

Deep Tissue (50 / 80 min.)
A massage technique that provides firm and intense pressure to effectively release chronic muscle tension caused by exercise. This specialized treatment targets specific areas of the body that are under higher levels of stress.

Personalized  (50 / 80 min.)
Indulge in a soothing full-body massage that combines the most effective techniques for relieving muscle tension, including shiatsu, deep tissue, pressure points, and stretching to alleviate physical and mental stress. This treatment not only enhances blood circulation but also aids in the elimination of toxins, relieving muscle pain.

Cranial, Hands & Feet Massage (60 min.)
This soothing treatment targets the skull, face, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet, with the primary goal of alleviating accumulated tension in these areas.

Reflexology (25 min.)
By stimulating the foot pressure points that specifically align with various organs in the body, stress can be alleviated and blocked energy can be released. Proper stimulation of these reflexes can naturally help address various health issues.

Back, neck and shoulders (25 min.)
Our targeted massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, which are the areas most prone to stress and tension. Through a combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of this treatment in a minimal amount of time.

Pedicure Spa (60 min.)
Enjoy a complete nail care experience that includes nail filing, shaping, cuticle cutting, meticulous heel filing, exfoliation, and nail polish application. To top it off, enjoy the ultimate relaxation with a soothing hot stone foot massage.

Regular Pedicure (45 min.)
Our pedicure includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle cutting, regular heel filing, and a flawless application of nail polish.

Manicure Spa (50 min.)
Enjoy a complete nail care experience that includes nail filing, shaping, cuticle cutting, exfoliation, hand mask and nail polish application. To top it off, enjoy the ultimate relaxation with a soothing hand massage.

Regular Manicure (35 min.)
Our manicure includes nail filing and shaping, cuticle cutting, and a flawless application of nail polish.

Prepare for your big day with one of our rejuvenating wedding spa packages.


Your wedding is the culmination of love and the effort put forth in a ceremony celebrated with your family and friends. Allow us to take away the stress of all the planning and preparations and make you feel pampered while our team of professionals prepares you for the day you’ll be more radiant, glowing and beautiful than ever.

  • Bridal Day Hair and Makeup 2.5 hrs
  • Bridal Trial Hair and Makeup 2.5 hrs
  • Bridal Hair 1.5 hrs
  • Bridal Makeup 1 hr
  • Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup 1.5 hrs
  • Bridesmaids Hair 1 hr
  • Bridesmaids Makeup 1 hr
  • Shampoo & Blow Dry 50 min

Embrace serenity and tranquility with the exclusive spa packages offered by Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa.
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Please understand we have reserved an appointment especially for you. A 24 hours’ notice is required to avoid the fee.

For appointments made on the same day a 4 hours’ notice is required.

If you have scheduled a group or party, a 7 day’s cancellation time will be given at the time of your booking.

Guests arriving late will receive their treatment for the remaining time available during their scheduled appointment and will be held responsible to pay for the original time reserved.

If your appointments are not cancelled within the designated time, your account will be charged with 50% of the total cost.

For all reservations you have one opportunity to reschedule and enjoy your treatment, if that rescheduled reservation is canceled, the cancellation fee will apply.

We are not able to mix promotions.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. Pricing is in US dollars; Taxes are included on the final price.

Quiet Please
We strive to keep our spa areas and common rooms peaceful and relaxing for all our guests. If you are visiting with friends and family, please keep in mind that many of our guests are seeking a quiet environment. Please turn off your cell phone, no photography is permitted, we respect our client’s privacy.

The cost to use the Sauna, Steam, Hot Tub and Pressure Shower is $25usd per day, if you reserve a service, the use of the facilities is included on that day. To ensure a pleasant experience we suggest arriving 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment, this will allow you time to enjoy the guided Hydrotherapy Circuit and the complimentary amenities including showers and vanity area. Please bring your bathing suit for the use of the Hot Tub.

Please fill out the appropriate questionnaire prior to your treatments allowing us to customize our services to your personal needs.
Please remove all jewelry, metal belongings and cell phones before entering the spa facilities, leaving it inside your safety box at your room or inside the spa locker.

Share your comments, concerns or needs with us; the more information you provide the better to guide us in customizing your spa treatments. Gratuities are a matter of your personal discretion and should reflect the level of your satisfaction.

Subconscious relaxation
Escape from your daily routine with this exceptional treat, created for ultimate relaxation. Indulge in our signature ritual with your loved one, designed to deeply unwind and alleviate muscle tension. Surrender to the unique experience provided by the combination of hot stones and herbal poultices. Afterward, treat your skin with two flash facials, leaving it clean and nourish. To conclude this remarkable experience, immerse yourself in a hydrotherapy tub for two, infused with fragrant essential oils, while savoring two glasses of wine and indulging in chocolate-covered strawberries.

Time for two
Spend quality time with your loved one and give each other the perfect gift while enjoying our beautiful private suite for couples. Begin with a customized massage session, followed by a cleansing facial that will leave your skin glowing and moisturized. The experience ends with a romantic jacuzzi session, where you can unwind and savor a glass of wine and exquisite chocolate-covered strawberries with your life partner.

Rest & relief

Indulge in a massage with medium to intense pressure where our skilled therapists use a fusion of deep tissue techniques, medium to intense pressure, improve circulation, and restore vitality. Followed by a reflexology to treat you from head to toes. Afterward, revel in a private romantic Jacuzzi session with your beloved while enjoying a glass of wine and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Customized for you (105 min.)
Begin your experience with a personalized massage session, designed to meet your specific needs. Then, indulge in a soothing lavender body exfoliation to nourish your skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing. Finally, savor a mimosa as you relax in the tranquil ambiance of our spa facilities.

Me Time (75 min.)
Treat yourself to a complete experience. Begin with a revitalizing body exfoliation for clean, smooth, and hydrated skin. Follow it up with a deeply relaxing back, neck, and shoulder massage that offers both relaxation and relief. Finally, pamper your face with a luxurious facial that will leave your complexion looking firm and radiant. Unwind completely as you savor a refreshing mimosa in the tranquil atmosphere of our spa facilities.

Instant Beauty (100 min.)
Treat yourself to pure indulgence with this delightful package. It features a 50-minute facial of your choice, along with a 50min relaxing massage. This is the perfect opportunity to nourish your skin and indulge your body in ultimate relaxation. Take a moment to unwind with a refreshing mimosa while you relax in the serene atmosphere of our spa facilities.